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Title: Parasite Sleuth (15 minutes)
Producer: Joe Turco

"Most people think parasites are really gross and I find them really fascinating."

Judy Sakanari

University of California-San Francisco parasitologist Judy Sakanari explores a world of parasites and how their life cycle is linked to our food supply. Judy sleuths for parasites at unusual locations -- a fish market, eating sushi with her parents, consulting with marine biologist Frances Gulland as she studies seals at the Marine Mammal Center, testing water at a stream, catching ticks, and visiting paleontologist George Poinar to discuss ancient parasites preserved in amber.



Introduction to the Video

Parasites are tiny creatures that can live inside marine life and people.

Most people think parasites are really gross. I find them really fascinating. It's a fun subject to talk about because on one hand it is kind of gross and icky, but other the other hand what makes them gross and icky is kind of interesting, so that's why I like studying them.

Dr. Judy Sakanari is a parasitologist.

I think people also have a fascination with worms and things that crawl around and creepy-crawly kind of things inside a body particularly.

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