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4-H Youth Development

Urban Ecologist Community Service Ideas

  • Design a game for young children related to the Urban Ecologist kit.
  • Paint a mural with the Wonderwise theme over graffiti.
  • Feature community-minded scientists on a school bulletin board.
  • Collect children's science books for the needy.
  • Create a play that teaches young children about concepts in the Wonderwise scenarios.
  • Organize an environmental walk to school event.
  • Write or make a picture book about Wonderwise concepts to read to younger children.
  • Organize a public issues forum focused on topic discussed in Wonderwise. Become an advocate. Contact your legislators on topics discussed in Wonderwise.
  • Help neighbors paint and repair their homes.
  • Make maps of local parks, libraries, or historic sites.
  • Petition your city to make drinking fountains and/or restrooms in public areas available.
  • Volunteer to clean up trash at a community event or county fair.
  • Design a mural or quilt highlighting important aspects of the community.
  • Organize a campaign to paint storm drains to prevent dumping of hazardous materials.
  • Set up an informational display at a local library on the Wonderwise topics.
  • Volunteer to help set up for a community event on the Wonderwise topics.
  • Distribute bags during the fall for residents to clean leaves from their streets and yards.
  • Adopt a pothole and raise funds to repair it.
  • Adopt a billboard and use it for a public service announcement about the environment.
  • Find a local wetland and organize an event to clean it up.
  • Clean up a vacant lot.
  • Help fix a run-down playground.
  • Start a yard of the week award for your neighborhood.
  • Participate in an annual parade.
  • Spruce up and paint the community or youth center.
  • Plant a community garden. Adopt a town monument and keep it clean.
  • Plant flowers at the town hall and in public areas that could use some color.
  • Paint a mural or clean up a local park.
  • Mow the lawns and care for the plants of neighbors who are away on vacation.
  • Build and/or paint park benches.
  • Write and produce a play about a current environmental issue.
  • Plant a garden or tree where the whole neighborhood can enjoy it.
  • Organize a car-pooling campaign in your neighborhood to cut down on air pollution.
  • Adopt an acre of a park or a mile of roadside to keep clean.
  • Clean up trash along a river or in a park.
  • Get together with friends and make conservation posters for the community center.
  • Encourage your parents to buy products made from recycled materials.
  • Conduct an energy audit at your school.
  • Monitor the indoor air quality.
  • Organize an asbestos check.
  • Test the drinking water for lead.
  • Plant a commemorative tree to honor someone.
  • Create a children's nature garden, labeling plants and trees and scheduling guided tours.
  • Replace trees that have died.
  • Adopt highways and clean up clutters.
  • Organize a hazardous waste collection.
  • If you see a tree that's in trouble, find out what's wrong with it and how to make it better.
  • Pick up liter.
  • Clean up a beach or riverbed.
  • Start an environmental club.
  • Clear a new trail at a nature center or park.

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