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4-H Youth Development

Parasite Sleuth Community Service Ideas

  • Design a game for young children related to the Parasite Sleuth kit.
  • Create a play that teaches young children about concepts in the Wonderwise scenarios.
  • Write or make a picture book about the concepts in the Wonderwise series to read to younger children.
  • Work with the local health department to set up an immunization day or clinic to immunize children against childhood diseases.
  • Paint a mural with the Wonderwise theme over graffiti.
  • Feature community -minded scientists on a school bulletin board.
  • Collect children's science books for the needy.
  • Find out about parasite problems in your community and how you can help prevent them.
  • Organize a public issues forum focused on topics discussed in Wonderwise. Become an advocate. Contact your legislators on topics discussed in Wonderwise.
  • Contact Habitat for Humanity to see how you can support them in your community.
  • Set up an informational display at a local library on the Wonderwise topics.
  • Volunteer to help set up for a community event on the Wonderwise topics.
  • Adopt a billboard and use it for a public service announcement.
  • Write and produce a play about a current animal health issue.
  • Take a pet to a nursing home.
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter, help clean up, play with the animals, or do whatever's needed to make the shelter a nicer "temporary" home for the animals.
  • Become a foster parent for a pet. Some shelters have temporary foster care programs. You take care of a pet until they can find a permanent home for it.
  • Raise money for pet causes by organizing a pet photo session.
  • Organize a pet show for a local nursing home.
  • With the support of a vet clinic, organize a spay campaign to get animals neutered and spayed at a reduced rate.
  • Set up donation centers for animal products to be donated to needy.
  • Learn about pet therapy and do pet therapy with your animal at nursing homes and day care centers.
  • Hatch ducks for release in the wild.
  • Care for a neighbor's pet.
  • Find out about volunteer opportunities at a local wildlife sanctuary or survival center.

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