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Title: Rainforest Ecologist (15 minutes)
Producer: Bruce Thiel

“It seems like every time I figure something out, there are more questions that come about. So it’s really a never-ending process.”
– Janalee Caldwell

Janalee Caldwell

University of Oklahoma biologist Janalee Caldwell studies frogs and toads in their natural habitat…the rainforests of South America. Janalee is seen in her lab located in a Brazilian logging village, in the forest collecting data, working collaboratively with her husband as they search for specimens at night, shopping for supplies at a local market, and investigating species diversity by examining how frogs, toads, mosquitos, and damsel flies use brazil nuts as a competitive nursery.



Introduction to the Video

Look at you.

He's not quite sure why he's awake in the daytime. This is unusual for him.

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