Vet Detective

Gold Award Winner of the 2002 Aurora Awards Film and Video competion

Tolani Francisco, DVM, travels to Native American reservations to check on the health of bison and elk. Her challenge is to stop the spread of animal diseases using the science behind traditional Native values. Tolani’s work in veterinary medicine takes her all over the world to help native people protect their wildlife and their land.

Your students will develop an understanding of:

• how to collect and interpret data
• animal behavior
• animal physiology and digestion
• how to sample populations and compare data sets
• the nature and causes of disease in animals

Activities include:

• Bison Behavior— learn how to make sense of their behavior.
• Vital Signs—take your vital signs and compare your data to the vital signs of other animals.
• Ruminate—compare animal digestive systems and then simulate the process of digesting grass.
• Disease Detective—investigate how the disease brucellosis spreads among different herds of elk.

Winner of the 2002 Parents Choice Approved Award

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