Urban Ecologist
Urban Ecologist

Carmen Cid, Ph.D., climbs into hip boots and trudges through mud to investigate life in a pond. She records her observations, collects plants and seeds, and conducts experiments in the greenhouse. Her work as a plant ecologist helps scientists learn what keeps wetlands healthy.

Your students will develop an understanding of:

• how to conduct an investigation and interpret data
• diversity in ecosystems
• plant structures and their different functions in growth, survival, and reproduction
• how to conduct a simple experiment to learn about form and function
• the effects of environmental changes

Activities include:

• Sound Sense—use ears and then eyes to sharpen your observation skills.
• Cool Tool—learn how to test the health of your environment.
• Seedy Travelers—predict and then test the strategies that seeds use to travel.
• Walk on Water Bugs—create a water bug and use it to explore the effects of water pollutants.
• Drain Game—make a watershed to learn about toxic runoff into lakes and streams.

Check out the supply list for each activity.



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