Space Geologist

Gold Award Winner of the 2002 Aurora Awards Film and Video competion

Adriana Ocampo, Ph.D., searches through Belize and neighboring Mexico for traces of a crater caused by an asteroid that hit Earth 65 million years ago. As a space geologist, Adriana compares craters that exist on other planets with ones that are known to exist on Earth. She helped determine the surface outline of the buried impact crater at Chicxulub, Mexico. Her discovery helped scientists prove that an asteroid caused the extinction of hte dinosaurs.

Your students will develop an understanding of:

• cause and effect in Earth systems
• atmospheric processes
• the span of biological time
• the fossil record and changes in life forms

Activities include:

• Crater Maker—make an impact and investigate how craters take shape.
• Vanishing Craters—test the effects of weather on the surface of craters.
• Big Time Tour—explore Earth’s history from your shoulder to your fingertips.
• Digging Into the Past—create a set of strata, take a core sample, and learn how to read the past.

"Wonderwise: Space Geologist" was a winner at the 2003 International Flim and Video Festival! More than 1,500 entries from 28 countries were received this year representing producers across a range of categories.
Third Place: Certificate for Creative Excellence
Category: Interactive Multimedia (CD-ROM): Training, Education

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