Rainforest Ecologist
Rainforest Ecologist

Janalee Caldwell, Ph.D., explores the world of poison frogs in the Amazon. She treks deep into rainforests, lives in lean-tos made from trees, and counts and collects frogs and insects. Her work as an ecologist helps scientists learn more about the rainforest and the fascinating life it supports.

Your students will develop an understanding of:

• the use of equipment to gather data
• diversity and adaptation in living things
• technological design
• form and function in living things
• populations and ecosystems

Activities include:

• Nutty Investigations—test the strength and fat-content of different nuts.
• Frogs Up Close and Personal—design backgrounds to make poison frogs disappear and stand out.
• Build a Tree—construct a sturdy rainforest tree from scratch.
• Rain Forest in Your Room—create a rain forest community of plants and animals.
• Life in a Nutshell Game— grow from egg to larva to adult in a Brazil nut board game.

Check out the supply list for each activity.



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